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Kids Yoga Therapist

As always my lovely readers I love bringing you new blog posts and this latest one I am especially excited about. Meet Jess, Jess is a friend of mine who has found her calling in life and started her own Kids Yoga Therapy business. Her story is very inspiring and I urge anyone looking for their purpose in life or needing a push to strive for more to read on. I am so happy for her but also extremely proud that vulnerable children such as those who have experienced trauma or those with special needs now have another advocate! So please enjoy my interview with Jess and show her some love over on Instagram and Facebook.

- Sara


1 - Please introduce yourself and what you do. 

I am Jessica Lee. I grew up in a coastal town, Port Macquarie, and since leaving at 18 years old I have been on many adventures, most of which included a plane flight, packing far too many clothes than I actually needed and terrible walking shoes – when will I learn!? Next time, next time for sure.

I would say that travel has been a dominant aspect of my identity so far and I am grateful for this. I have experienced many cultures which has led to my appreciation for diversity and a developed sense of personal power as you need to depend on yourself when travelling. My goals for each adventure have often been the same, to feel alive, to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level and to embrace the diversity of the world we live in. On reflection, it still amazes me how easy these goals were achieved and in extreme measures while in foreign countries, and yet I was finding it difficult to achieve this back home – an issue which I believe many can relate too. Although our world is moving at a rate we can hardly keep up with, our yearning for genuine connection is ever-present. This yearning is one which I have begun taking very seriously in the last 6 months and although the catch-cry, ‘only you can make yourself happy’ is thrown around like hot potato, unless you FEEL it to be true, and are READY for it to be true, it will never be.

Another dominant aspect of my life has been the need for knowledge, the desire for solutions, and the belief that we can always be better. I not only believe this for myself, but was determined to help the adults and children I worked with believe it too. As a Social Worker, I have connected with people who have absolutely no reason to believe their situation could get better, but here I was, determined to alter this view. So instead of reading the Twilight series I read books about neuroscience, trauma, child development, and mindfulness, because the more I knew, the better chance I had in guiding people to find their reason and a sense of hope for their future.

The most proud and fulfilling aspect of my life to date has been my personal quest for inner-peace and contentment. For those of you who get as excited as me about self-development you’ll know it’s hard bloody work and involves a lot of tears! For me, the journey of self-development has led to a transformational mindset! One which now chooses faith over fear and love over hate. I now have a faith, a faith in the universe and it’s energy. To say this out loud is daunting for me because for so many years I have been living in the shadows of my true SELF. I am happy to say that after many podcasts, books, time spent in nature, time spent feeling alone and isolated and forced to find a way out, time spent suffering from anxiety, time travelling, I have found the confidence to just be ME and it simply feels liberating.  

Out of this journey Kids Yoga Therapy was created. I am able to work with the most vulnerable children and their families and provide tools and strategies that begin altering their minds and bodies. Yoga and meditation are so powerful when you commit to them that the inconceivable outcomes start to become possible. My programs usually run for 9 weeks which is long enough to begin building concentration, releasing built-up tension, increasing self-confidence and reducing anxiety. My role within the 9 weeks is not only to support the child, but to support the parents/carers. Parents/carers are often exhausted when they call me that they need self-care strategies as well. It’s also important that parents feel confident in continuing yoga and meditation with their child after I leave as creating long-term change takes time – longer than 9 weeks.


2 - Why did you start Kids Yoga Therapy? 

I have spent most of my career working within Foster Care which meant working with the most vulnerable children there can be. I absolutely loved this job! I loved forming connections with these children and their carers and supporting the home environment. However, when speaking with my carers, rarely did they express that their child was being given opportunities to simply BE and strategies to calm their mind and exit out of their constant state of fight/flight – sometimes a child cannot even calm their minds within their foster home despite having supportive and loving carers. I knew within the core of my being that I had something to offer these children but needed time to figure it out.

Whilst in the U.K in 2017 visiting a friend, and after many, many chocolate biscuits and cups of tea, she said “why don’t you combine everything you love and are passionate about?” This in my case was neuroscience, trauma, child development, yoga and meditation.

With this simple question, my head began to spin and my heart beat began to race and there it was. The idea I had been waiting for. The idea that would have me returning to Australia far earlier than expected because I just couldn’t wait in making this fabulous idea a reality – I decided then and there that Kids Yoga Therapy would be created to use the calming, joyful and purposeful practice of Yoga Therapy to begin a much needed REVOLUTION in the way we heal and transform the lives of children.


3 - What do you hope to achieve for 2018?

My goal for 2018 is to bring a renewed sense of hope within the most stressed and desperate families. The heartbreaking aspect of my role is when I see a huge disconnect between parents and their children. Children are unable to explain their thoughts and emotions, and parents are simply exhausted and have no idea what to try next. The medical model is simply not providing the answers for all families and I firmly believe that alternative interventions, such as yoga and meditation, are the way forward. There is a reason why yoga studios are on every street corner and I believe it is now time to bring this empowering experience to our children.

On a practical level, the hours I can reach children are quite limited due to school hours. If Kids Yoga Therapy is going to reach as many children as possible then online programs and resources will need to be created for parents/carers, teachers and support workers, and this is another goal of mine for 2018.


4 - How can we better understand the need for special needs therapy and spread the word?

During my time as a Social Worker and in my current role, I am constantly reminded by parents of the lack of support services and therapy options for children with special needs other than medication, an occupational therapist and a psychologist. Only last week I was told by a parent that despite her 9 year old son with ADHD and Autism having contact with a Psychiatrist, additional support services have not been mentioned or discussed. This is simply not good enough. A diagnosis does not give us a black and white indication of what the child needs to live their best life possible. We can have 5 children diagnosed with an Attachment Disorder or Autism, and the experiences of these children, or the behaviours the children exhibit are entirely different. Ensuring parents have a wide range of service options is my goal. It is crucial that parents have options for their child to suit their very unique and individual needs.

I believe the first step in creating change in the area of special needs therapies is to first be willing to pause and think critically about information you receive about special needs, either from other parents or health professionals, and that includes me. Conversations that include what a child needs, or doesn’t need, should know, shouldn’t worry about should be considered critically and with reflection. We are bombarded with information every day. Often it doesn’t matter if this information is true or false, if it’s said enough we end up believing it to be true. Our ability to pause and take 2 seconds to consider the information presented to us increases the chance of our opinion being ours, instead of dominant ideology. When we don’t meet children where they are at, they can never be found.

Once we can accept that difference is more likely than similarities in the field of special needs, or children in general for that matter, then demands for therapy options will begin to increase. I believe it has already started. I am overwhelmed by the supportive comments from people I meet in the community regarding Kids Yoga Therapy and it’s vision. People are tired of a one-size-fits-all approach, and if we start to express this with our friends, families, support workers, school principals and teachers, and anyone else you have access to, change is inevitable. Kids Yoga Therapy is a prime example of this. I listened and listened until I felt the overwhelming desire to provide a solution.

I also believe the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a huge opportunity for parents to have their voices heard. Parents will have the choice of services or therapies for their child. I hope parents use this opportunity to do their research, find the service or therapy option that they believe will benefit their child, even if it’s not part of the mainstream medical model. Your choices will inform organisations, therapeutic services, and practitioners of the need for more choice.


5 - How are you looking forward to using the "My Feelings Matter" book with your clients?

I absolutely love Sara's feelings book and I love using it with the children I work with. During my private sessions I allow the child to select a picture or feeling they want to focus on and the poses and mediations I then select will all relate to that theme. I find providing the child with something visual, like the book, they become more excited and focused about the topic of feelings rather than being asked to name an emotion - which can be met with a face saying "what are you on about lady?".  


6 - Where can we find out more about your services?

If you would like to find out more about Kids Yoga Therapy, please visit and subscribe to receive event information and helpful tips. I have a number of workshops coming up and will be speaking at a number of conferences which you will be given the details of.

I’d love for you to join the Kids Yoga Therapy (KYT) Community group on Facebook

It is a new group and my intention is to create a supportive and inclusive network of like-minded parents where feeling stuck, lonely, or lost when it comes to parenting your child is a think of the past.

If you are interested in program options for your child, please contact me on 0403 270 367 or email I would be more than happy to conduct a Needs Assessment with you over the phone and determine if Kids Yoga Therapy could be an option for your child.





Sara Stace
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Take control of your mind.

Take control of your mind.

Monkey Mind - ever heard of it? I am the queen of letting my mind wonder off in every direction. I always have been. Only lately am I just learning to tame it and bring it back to center. But I am 32! Wouldn't it be great if we were taught this at an early age so we could utilize it our whole lives. To savor the good moments and work through the bad. Well that is what my purpose is, to provide this for you through our website - Teepee Learning. 

I have found a stunning new product that I am so excited to share with you! And even more excited to be able to have it available on my website for you. It is something that you all can throw in your handbag and pull out when you get to work and have your morning coffee or are waiting in the line at school pickup, instead of maybe mindlessly scrolling through social media, which let's face it - gets us no where. 

They are called Positive Thought Starters. 

Think - taking charge of your mind. 
Think - working on yourself and flicking negativity to the curb!
Think - increasing your happiness
Think - a small & beautifully designed box to carry everywhere with you!
Think - Psychologist endorsed, backed by science + less than $30 a box!

It’s the simple + award-winning tool to increase your happiness.

With 50 thought-provoking prompt questions, you’ll be able to hone in on the high points of your day, figure out what truly makes you happy, and build a confident, constructive mindset so that you can live everyday like you’re in holiday mode: happy, glowing, smiling + loving life.

Here’s the scientific deal:

You have 65,000 thoughts a day.

Most of these thoughts are negative.

You only have an opportunity add in a VERY small % of new thoughts in a day.

Most of your thoughts are on repeat from the previous days.

What are you going to do with your daily opportunity to add in new thoughts?

Are you going to add in more negativity about how you need to lose weight before you can be happy? Or that you need that promotion before your feel at peace? Or how you need to find the perfect guy before life can start?

Or are you going to add in helpful, productive thoughts that transform your day?

Is it time to get yourself this little box of happiness?  Get your's now 


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Kate - "After the journey that I've had, this card makes my eyes well"...

Pregnant Kate

What has been your favourite part about being pregnant?

It took my husband and I many years to conceive this little human, and we experienced a lot of pain to get to this point, so naturally I have become one of those women who just loves every part of it! I'm so deeply grateful to be given the absolute privilege to bring a human into the world, any challenges I've faced in pregnancy have been quickly swept away with gratitude. 

In this last trimester as our little boy grows bigger and space is more limited, I'm enjoying being about to watch his movements in my tummy, not just feel them. It still blows my mind that there is a little human sharing this body with me and we're yet to even meet!

What is your number one tip for nourishing you and your baby?

Take plenty of time out for yourself, and never feel guilty for putting yourself and your baby first. This was a big lesson I begun to learn just a few weeks into pregnancy when I had to cancel some big work commitments because I was so exhausted. I had always been someone who if I said I would do something, I would be there. So learning that my priorities needed to shift almost immediately when I fell pregnant, was pretty big. 

I'm a reformed people pleaser, and it's a constant too and fro for me. I already get the feeling that this life lesson will naturally flow into parenthood for me. I believe I will always have space to realign with my priorities.

So in a round about way, my tip would be to unashamedly do what you need to, in order to feel the best you can. If you're thriving, so is bub!

Which of our affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

"The miracle of life is taking place inside of me". 

After the journey that I've had, this card makes my eyes well. There was a long time where I hated my body, particularly my stomach for all that I had been through. Constantly questioning whether I was woman enough, because I couldn't do the one thing our bodies are "built" to do as women. I have been on such a journey with my relationship with myself, that this card reminds me of how far I have come. There was a time in my life where I wouldn't have even been able to look at it, now as I read it, I feel it deep in my bones.

Do you have any plans for your birth?

I've always felt somewhat resistant to the whole idea of having a birth plan, but I now know this is only because I really didn't understand them. We have collated our birth preferences (as we have chosen to call them), and shared them with our obstetrician who is very supportive of our choices. 

My husband Michael and I took a hypnobirthing class at the end of the second trimester, and absolutely love the techniques we learned. Everything about hypnobirthing feels so naturally aligned with our lives, and I think that's why it just feels right to work with those principles. Affirmations, breath work, visualisation and trust. 

This is what I plan to bring to the birth of our little one. 

Our vision is for a natural, unassisted birth, in a peaceful calm space, with minimal people around. We have opted for delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, natural passing of the placenta ( which will then be encapsulated) and plenty of time to bond with our little one after he is birthed. I know all of this may not be achievable and I'm okay with that. However as our birth unfolds I am confident that our hypnobirthing techniques will mean that I stay as clear and trusting of my body as possible.   

At the end of the day my birth is me, my baby and my husband, and regardless of how it unfolds, I know that together we've totally got this!

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

I absolutely cannot wait to hold our baby boy in my arms. As odd as it may sound, my arms have been longing to hold my little babe for many many years, and I know that moment will be incredibly precious. Past that, I'm also looking forward to learning a whole new way of life with this little human in it. I couldn't be more ready or excited for our son to teach me how to be a mama. 







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Fit Mama to be Amy

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant? 

Simply knowing that there is a tiny little human inside me growing very quickly is SO amazing to me. It's just absolutely crazy how miraculous that truly is. This is my third pregnancy and I am too early to feel kicks yet, but that usually tends to be my next favourite thing.

What is your number one tip for nourishing you and your baby?

I try to keep my diet very balanced with a wide variety of fresh foods. With my history of body building and high protein, I tend to back off a little on the intensity of such a diet and focus on foods that offer a lot of nutritional benefits (wholegrains, tons of fresh fruit and veg and cheese lol! Darn those cravings). 

Which of our affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

"I embrace the wisdom of my body" I am loving just trusting my body and knowing that it is so well created to do this job of growing a baby in the best way possible. 

Do you have any plans for your birth?

My first baby was an unplanned C-section, my second was an out of the hospital V-BAC with the midwives (amazing!!!). That second birth truly restored my faith in my body and my bodies ability to birth my baby. For this baby I plan to have another midwife assisted birth but at home this time. 

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

I am most excited for that quiet first few days, reveling in all the changes, the new life in my arms, the big adjustment of adding another member to the family. It's overwhelming but so magical and amazing all at once. 

To see more of Amy you can pop over and say hi on her Instagram @fitamysuzanne

Thanks Amy for your interview!

To purchase our affirmations for your pregnancy please see our products page. 

Sara Hoeg-Staun
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Teresa Palmer, Aussie actress soon to be Mum to two.

Teresa Palmer

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant this time around?

I love knowing how deep a love I will feel for this little man, I'm so familiar with all things birth and baby this time round that I feel calmer and more ready for this journey together 

What is your number one tip for nourishing you and baby?

Self care! Take those baths, sleep as much as you can, light exercise, clean eating, positive thoughts. Mind body and soul balancing! 

Which of our Pregnancy affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

"Inhale love, exhale fear". I kept saying it over and over. 

What are your birth plans?

I just wrote all about this on Your Zen Mama in my 32 week pregnancy update! I have lots of ideas of how I want my birth to go BUT the main thing is that I'm open to whatever the experience will be!

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

Seeing my two boys bonding together. Bodhi couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see what he looks like, what he enjoys and how our family dynamic shifts!

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Erin, a mum to inspire us all.


What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

Oh so many things! Mostly I love how connected it makes me feel to my own femininity and to nature around me. Feeling a little baby move around inside your belly is also just one of the most magical things I have ever experienced.


What is your number one tip for nourishing you and your baby? 

I think that being sure to cover the word 'nourish' and ensuring that it applies to every aspect of your life - fresh, organic foods, clean air, clean water. Resting when you need it and not feeling ashamed or guilty about accepting help from others so that you can take care of yourself. It is such a fleeting moment in time really, but pregnancy is the beginning of your baby's experience of human life. It's definitely a time to devote to being your healthiest self, as well as resting and laughing as much as possible! I also like to remember that cravings do not only come in the 'food' variety. I've been craving walking by the river, having particular crystals on me and the scent of palo santo. I know that is both the baby and my deeper intuitive nature speaking!

Which of our affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

 "Women all over the world are birthing with me". I couldn't stop thinking of these words during the birth of my first daughter. Women are seriously the epitome of strength and power, the most inspiring forces of nature on earth!!! It gave me courage to carry on

What are your plans for your birth?

We are planning a home birth in the warmth of our little cottage , with our midwife. We were in the birth centre last time and I also loved that experience, but I'm so excited to be able to create a little birthing nest in my home and not have to leave once labour is in progress. We will have the birth pool in our lounge room, surrounded by candles, flowers and plants. Having all of my herbal remedies and home comforts on hand is another aspect of a home birth that I'm excited about. It will be really lovely for Willow I think too, in making the transition to "big sister" to have it all unfold in the comfort and familiarity of our own home.

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

I think, aside from having a beautiful squishy newborn baby once again, I am most excited to see the bond between my two children. Willow is so excited, she kisses and talks to my belly every day, so seeing them together may just make my heart explode. I always well up in tears thinking about it!

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Creative Mum Asha & all about pregnancy number three!

Birth Affirmations

I have followed Asha on her business and personal account for years now on Instagram and I am so inspired by her. So naturally when she purchased my Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations I knew that I wanted to interview her for Teepee Life. She is talented creatively beyond words. Just check out Mr Haddy if you don't believe me. She is healthy and fit and has been an inspiration to me in regards to self respect and love. Now she is going to be blessed with a baby girl after two little boys. Can't wait to see photos of her Ash and thank you for taking the time out to be a part of our blog. 

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant? 

The sheer joy of growing a human. A human that was made from love, that thrives and grows from the love I give my body. It's all about the love baby! It's a love that you could never imagine, those little kicks and flutters make your heart pound with joy.

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?

I workout 3-4 times a week, I know what labour entails! I'm keeping my fitness level up so I'm prepared for labour and a quicker recovery. As well as exercise I eat a healthy balanced diet of whole foods with the odd pregnant lady treat!

Which of our cards speaks to you the most and why?

I trust my body, I trust my mind and I trust my baby. I love this one. Early on in pregnancy I was so anxious that something would go wrong, I still am. I love that this card reminds me that my body is built for growing and birthing babies. I need to not let my mind take me on a roller coaster ride of "what if's" and trust that my baby knows the way. 

What are your plans for your birth?

I've planned for a natural birth at hospital, we live rural and the hospital is over an hour away! So I'm hoping we make it! My two previous birth were magical experiences and I'm hoping for the same again, just listening to my body and letting it do what it's meant to do. It has really helped me knowing exactly what the processes of labour are. During my last birth I felt so in control and it was really empowering. I remember thinking ok, things are getting intense, I'm going through transition, I need to pace myself and rest. Then when my waters broke (which was like a giant exploding water balloon! Lucky I was on the toilet!) I was thinking ok he's going to start heading down the birth canal now and with each contraction I could feel him moving down just a little bit until I felt the head crown. I remember being so exhausted and sleepy between each contraction, I could have actually gone to sleep! This time I'll make sure I rest as much as possible in the early stages of labour so I'm not too worn out when I need my energy the most! 

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

Well apparently this time I'm having a girl! So that's exciting after two boys, also that divine smell, those tiny toes, breastfeeding, those unstoppable heart explosions when your eyes meet with your baby for the first time. Ahhh I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

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A beautiful interview of courage, loss & overcoming.

Beautifull Kristen1


What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant this time around?

My favourite thing about being pregnant this time is that I have finally learnt once and for all to let go of any expectation of myself and go with the flow more rather than push myself to be doing what I think is “right”.  Every pregnancy (and I’ve had a few now!) is totally different!  I had plans of sticking with my healthy diet and literally could not keep a thing down until after 20 weeks other than chocolate croissants!  (I do not have a sweet tooth normally at all!!)  I am a regular, avid exerciser and was not able to do any activities again until 20 weeks as I am classed as high risk due to age and some recent history .. and then it was just too hot and/or I was too tired and that’s ok … I’ve watched my body amazingly grow this beautiful little baby of ours and appreciated the miracle and not berate myself for what I feel I couldn’t do this time around because I know I’ve got plenty of time afterwards to heal and recover.  I’ve learnt it’s also to say ‘no’ or not feel guilty that I haven’t had the extra energy to put into other things and that true family and friends completely understand and continue to support you.  It’s been a nice change to disconnect and not feel as pressured, to just concentrate on making this baby and my family.  As a result, I’m 39 weeks and feeling extremely heavy and tired ~ normal late pregnancy feels that I am super blessed at this stage to have!  My Dr has been my mentor throughout this journey as it hasn’t been the “easiest” and one thing amongst many of her pearls of wisdom was to “simplify everything and concentrate on the most important project you have ~ your baby growing inside you”.  And honestly for me I love the feeling of movement and kicking even though it’s getting pretty strong now it hurts!

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby? 

Once you are past your first baby it becomes trickier to find time to nourish yourself and your little one when you are running around after the rest of your family (husband plus three boys Tom 18, Sam 17 and Archie 3), working etc but in all honestly it becomes even more important so I tried to concentrate on little simple things that are easy to do, not necessarily daily but regularly from home if it was “one of those days/weeks”.  For me, I made the time to start reading every night even if it was just one chapter and of course your read over your cards, especially for the moments I was struggling and needed an extra shot of inspiration!  A cup of your favourite tea or a coffee either with a close friend or on your own.  Organic products for face and body.  Lighting candles and having a fresh bunch of flowers around the house.  A full body massage or treatment a couple of times during the pregnancy and keeping up with regular hair/beauty appointments as they really make you FEEL like a million dollars again when you aren’t feeling great at all!  One of my biggest saviours for the first half of the pregnancy was lots of beach time with my family it felt so good to be submerged in or by the salt water splashing around with those I love the most!   I would also recommend a nightly leg and foot massage from your husband once you sit down together at the end of long, busy days ~ BLISS!

Which of our cards speaks to you the most and why? 

"Being pregnant over 40 in general is not for the faint hearted! This is actually my 7th pregnancy. The fourth within the past 18 months. I lost three precious souls literally between my 42nd and 43rd birthdays. The first was a big enough shock as I fell very blessedly easily with my three boys and had no complications other than I don't labour and need Caesars but you get to a point with that too that as long as your baby arrives safely in the world it doesn't matter 'how'. Don't get me wrong I was already so grateful for those gifts and even though I had never experienced the level of heartbreak I have now I was certainly empathetic to other women's struggles in their quest to have a child of their own. All three were at different stages and a different experience of loss. By the last time, during my 43rd birthday week I walked out of Sydney Ultrasound broken in a million pieces - my body was a mess hormonally and otherwise, mentally I was a wreck from so much stress on every level (there were other personal issues going on too) and my heart had been smashed to smithereens like I was In a permanent state of raw, vulnerable grief. I took the advice of the professional, amazing people who had been looking after us "this is the hardest thing to do, you need to get yourself in a place mentally where you can cope with anything .. nothing you are doing is wrong, not the intense exercise not anything but try intense meditation and you will get to a point where you can't take anymore of this or you will have a new baby in your arms". I listened to them and the bottom of my heart and soul. I remembered who I am and what I am made of and that I didn't want to look back and I wish I had tried just one more time .. I didn't listen to the negativity said to my face (and behind my bank) by close family and friends - this was my journey, life path. I focused just on this quest and my family - it's all I had energy for .. I saw a naturopath, had Bowen therapy and reiki, took up yoga (which I ended up obsessed by), I did Pilates as much as I could and still went running and boxing without smashing myself doing so. I thought I ate healthily but I did a stricter clean eating 8 week program and lost a bit of the weight the pregnancies and hormones had left behind! Six months later I felt amazing, stronger than I had ever been and I fell pregnant again! The fragility and vulnerability set in .. on top of that I was so sick from day one, I couldn't exercise, I couldn't eat .. then we lost my beautiful Grandma (Nonna) I have the most special relationship for my whole existence and my no 1 fan especially when it came to "trying again. The grief again hit like torrential waves I was sure I would lose this precious life inside me - we hadn't even gotten to the "safe" mark yet - though I wondered if I would ever feel safe during pregnancy again .., this is where your entire box of cards comes in .. they are so powerful and resonated with me on so many levels .. not just one card but the whole box, it was like a little meditation session especially when the fear that sits permanently, lingering would get out of control and I needed some calm .. they are soothing, comforting, strengthening and inspiring. They reinforce our relinquished trust in natures most incredible, powerful force - recreating life. To trust in our own power and bodies and know that we have the strength to endure anything to keep and protect our babies safe. They don't call Nature a Mother for nothing - the storms, rainbows, sunshine, turmoil .. the beginnings and the ends all magically beautiful in their own right. All seeds for the most incredible growth and change - the real meaning of life.At 26 weeks I relaxed. I embraced everything about this little miracle growing so happily and well inside my body .. I am as I said relishing in the feeling of life inside me again (must be a boy can kick!) and cannot wait to look into their eyes in just over 3 weeks!! Thank you for being such a big part of this incredible journey of love."

What are your plans for your birth? 

This will be my fourth caesarean!  I am currently packing my hospital bag and trying to include some calming, organic products for myself and baby to use (as I said it really is the little things that make us feel the best!) ~ I am hoping to arrive at the hospital feeling relaxed, calm and not too exhausted so I can feel soak up those first few days in the newborn bubble and not miss a thing!

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

Just to hold this beautiful, healthy little baby of ours earth side in my arms and fall in love all over again! To know I will have finally completed my precious family.  The last two years has been a very long and challenging journey on all levels to get to this place right now ~ emotionally, physically and mentally so it feels even more significant than ever ~ I’m just really looking forward to enjoying our family in every way.  I cannot wait to start getting to know our new little addition and finding out whether I will be the Mum of four boys or a little girl, either way it will be the most wonderful surprise as it really doesn’t matter as long as they are healthy which is why we chose not to find out ~ the love for your own child is like no other! A friend said to me a few years ago that there aren’t many surprises left in the world of this calibre and it’s so true!

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Geralyn, passionate business Mum with a story to match.

Beautiful Geralyn

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

My fave thing about being pregnant has been my own "birth" process. It's remarkable how pregnancy transforms a woman. I feel like I'm the one being birthed! For example, I'm much more patient. And I move with more presence and mindfulness now (I had a habit in the past of being a rusher, always moving two steps ahead of myself). I'm also more connected to my intuition and my spiritual practice than ever before.  I trust my body, and I'm so excited for my continued transformation as a mom and the birth of my sweet babe. 

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?

My number one tip is to be intentional. Meaning, ask/pray/meditate on what it is that you and baby need, and then listen to the signs. There are so many things outside of us during pregnancy, begging for our attention. Blogs, our support team, doctors, ads, articles. But what about our own beautiful wisdom? I'm a firm believe in the spiritual concept of "ask and you shall receive". For example, about half way through my pregnancy I felt like I needed to eat much more nutrient dense food. I said a little prayer and asked to be guided to what my body and my baby needed. The very next day I received a flyer in my mailbox for a local organic and biodynamic farm in my area. I went to check them out and it's been the best food I have every had in my life. My cells have been dancing and its helped balance the funky energy levels that arise in pregnancy sometimes. Also water! I drink 3-4 L a day. 

Which of our Pregnancy and Birth cards speaks to you the most and why?

All of them! Ha. I love how it's always exactly what I need to hear :) 

What are your plans for your birth?

I'm planning a home birth and I have a doula and a midwife. My husband will be there too! I keep having visions and dreams of me birthing a baby girl in my bathtub-- so we'll see :) 

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

The cuddling. The presence, all the small things! I had a goal 5 years ago to create a successful business where I earned mostly residual income (money while you sleep from sales, and other avenues) so that I could be totally present and "in" as a mom. That dream is coming true and I couldn't be more grateful. 

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Amy, a wise Mother beyond her years.

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

Oh this is so hard to answer because really, I have loved it all! Even being sick for the first 16-20 weeks! Okay, so I didn’t LOVE being sick but I learned a lot from the experience ;-) This conception happened spontaneously but certainly not quickly, taking over 3 years for this little miracle to occur, so overall I have just been SO, SO grateful to experience being pregnant. I am so in love with this little soul already and feeling our baby move inside me is the most magical thing ever. 

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?

Listening to your inner guidance and tuning in to that Motherly intuition however and whenever you can. I do believe that knowledge is power but sometimes the abundance of outside knowledge we have access to can be incredibly overwhelming. We can forget how much knowledge and wisdom we already have within us. I really believe that tuning into your baby’s spirit can help you make decisions that are best for both of you. For me, much of that has meant slowing right down (and not feeling guilty about this!), dissolving previously strict boundaries around food choices and avoiding violent/fear based media so that this baby is only surrounded by love.

Which of our affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

I truly love them all and have several favourites but this one truly resonates with me: 

“I am grateful to be able to grow my baby.” I feel this every single day. This miracle of Motherhood manifests in so many different ways for women around the world; for some it happens easily, for others it happens without any planning and for some women it comes with great heartache. So each day I am so grateful. I wanted to experience this so much and I am thankful each day for this experience.

What are your plans for your birth? 

We are preparing for a natural birth in a private hospital just a 7 minute walk from our home. My partner and I have done a Fearless birth course together and I’m doing everything I possibly can to prepare my mind, body and soul for a natural birth with minimal interventions. However, in saying all that I’m also preparing myself for that lesson in complete surrender. I’m open to the notion that we can’t control birth. We can prepare for it absolutely but I want to allow myself to love and appreciate the experience, however it happens!

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

I’ve been saying to John, my partner “I feel like I’m walking around with the best present ever inside me and we’re just waiting to open it!” Who are you? What do you look like? What will you be like? Are you a girl or a boy? I’m so excited to hold this baby to my heart. I also can’t wait to spend time with my younger sister and her baby. She fell pregnant just 10 days before me and going through this pregnancy together has been such a special experience. I can’t wait to just spend time with her, our babies, our partners and our family over the Summer period. It’s going to be one big Love Bubble! xox

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Xariet, our very first customer and now expecting Mama.

Pregnant Xariet


What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

Knowing that my body is doing what it is made to do, to nurture a little human internally and bring it earth side as best as I know how. The kicks, grooves, waves, rolls and nudges all feel so right and are the best part of pregnancy for me.

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?

My husband @thefunctionalnaturopath has me on a Reishi everyday. Reishi is known as the queen of medicinal mushrooms in Chinese medicine and is a gentle and nourishing adaptogenic herb. I find it extremely balancing and keeps my immunity strong.

Which of our birth affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

'Stay present fear does not exist here'

Amen sisters!! I am so thankful for this card, it grounds me and speaks so much truth. Everyone else's birth stories are not mine (some people love sharing their horror stories). I'll make my own birth story, thank you!

What are your plans for your birth?

My husband and I just finished our Inside Birth classes with Susan Ross from Birth Right. Susan is amazing, we loved the birth hypnotherapy sessions. We are planning a natural birth at a small hospital run by midwives with the support from a doula. The aim for us is that the doula will hold the space ensuring its safe place to birth the way we would like to.

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

Seeing my insanely beautiful husband be a dad and soaking up all they newborn goodness together as a family

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Sarah, be inspired and nourish yourself through mental wellbeing.


What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

My favourite thing about being pregnant has been the way my family have responded. It has been truly magical to watch them bask in our happiness and the excitement of adding a new member to our family. This little one will be the first grandchild for both mine and my partners families so it’s very special. I have loved how the bond between my mother and I has deepened through this experience and I love seeing how much she already adores this little person growing inside me.
What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?

I feel that that the number one thing I can do to nourish myself and my baby is to slow down and reduce stress. Being a mental health worker I have a deep understanding on the importance of nourishing ones mental wellbeing. Pregnancy has taught me not to try and control everything and to enjoy being in the moment with this pregnancy and the little person growing inside of me.

Which of our cards speaks to you the most and why?

I have utilised different cards for different purposes throughout my pregnancy.

At the start of my pregnancy I remember experiencing fear and anxiety in the lead up to the 12 week mark. I had some spotting and the uncertainty and lack of control I experienced during this time was really overwhelming. When I received my cards I went through them all and picked out the ones that I felt gave me the reassurance I really needed to just trust in my body and the process. I had these pinned around my house as daily reminders and found that they really helped me focus my thoughts.

“I am worthy of this pregnancy this baby and a beautiful birth”
“I trust in the power of my body”
“I have courage faith and patience”

Once 12 weeks had passed and I was heading through my 2nd trimester I pinned a different selection of cards around my house. These were the cards I chose that helped me learn to take moments with my little one and to do things to nourish us both.

“Today I will do something to nurture my baby and myself”
“The food I put into my body nourishes my baby”
“I love and honour my ever changing body”

As I am now heading through my 3rd trimester I will be choosing the cards that I will be taking with me to the birth. This affirmation really speaks to me and I know it will remind me of the end reward of labour, our baby.

“Each surge in my labour will bring my baby to me”

What are your plans for your birth?

Being someone who likes to be in control I’ve really had to prepare myself for the fact that birth is something you really can’t control. My main goal has been just to make sure I’m informed on birth and the various things that can take place. I have been listening to The Birth Hour podcasts which are women sharing their birth stories and I have found this really helpful in providing me with a broad spectrum of perspectives on birth. I live in a rural area of Western Australia and don’t have access to home births or a birth centre so I will be having a hospital birth and I am planning for the least intervention possible.

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

The moment that constantly plays in my mind is the moment I will see my partner Sam hold our baby for the first time. I think about this all the time and I am so excited for this and just feel like my heart might explode.
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