Erin, a mum to inspire us all.

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

Oh so many things! Mostly I love how connected it makes me feel to my own femininity and to nature around me. Feeling a little baby move around inside your belly is also just one of the most magical things I have ever experienced.


What is your number one tip for nourishing you and your baby? 

I think that being sure to cover the word 'nourish' and ensuring that it applies to every aspect of your life - fresh, organic foods, clean air, clean water. Resting when you need it and not feeling ashamed or guilty about accepting help from others so that you can take care of yourself. It is such a fleeting moment in time really, but pregnancy is the beginning of your baby's experience of human life. It's definitely a time to devote to being your healthiest self, as well as resting and laughing as much as possible! I also like to remember that cravings do not only come in the 'food' variety. I've been craving walking by the river, having particular crystals on me and the scent of palo santo. I know that is both the baby and my deeper intuitive nature speaking!

Which of our affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

 "Women all over the world are birthing with me". I couldn't stop thinking of these words during the birth of my first daughter. Women are seriously the epitome of strength and power, the most inspiring forces of nature on earth!!! It gave me courage to carry on

What are your plans for your birth?

We are planning a home birth in the warmth of our little cottage , with our midwife. We were in the birth centre last time and I also loved that experience, but I'm so excited to be able to create a little birthing nest in my home and not have to leave once labour is in progress. We will have the birth pool in our lounge room, surrounded by candles, flowers and plants. Having all of my herbal remedies and home comforts on hand is another aspect of a home birth that I'm excited about. It will be really lovely for Willow I think too, in making the transition to "big sister" to have it all unfold in the comfort and familiarity of our own home.

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

I think, aside from having a beautiful squishy newborn baby once again, I am most excited to see the bond between my two children. Willow is so excited, she kisses and talks to my belly every day, so seeing them together may just make my heart explode. I always well up in tears thinking about it!

Sara Hoeg-Staun

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