Fit Mama to be Amy

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant? 

Simply knowing that there is a tiny little human inside me growing very quickly is SO amazing to me. It's just absolutely crazy how miraculous that truly is. This is my third pregnancy and I am too early to feel kicks yet, but that usually tends to be my next favourite thing.

What is your number one tip for nourishing you and your baby?

I try to keep my diet very balanced with a wide variety of fresh foods. With my history of body building and high protein, I tend to back off a little on the intensity of such a diet and focus on foods that offer a lot of nutritional benefits (wholegrains, tons of fresh fruit and veg and cheese lol! Darn those cravings). 

Which of our affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

"I embrace the wisdom of my body" I am loving just trusting my body and knowing that it is so well created to do this job of growing a baby in the best way possible. 

Do you have any plans for your birth?

My first baby was an unplanned C-section, my second was an out of the hospital V-BAC with the midwives (amazing!!!). That second birth truly restored my faith in my body and my bodies ability to birth my baby. For this baby I plan to have another midwife assisted birth but at home this time. 

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

I am most excited for that quiet first few days, reveling in all the changes, the new life in my arms, the big adjustment of adding another member to the family. It's overwhelming but so magical and amazing all at once. 

To see more of Amy you can pop over and say hi on her Instagram @fitamysuzanne

Thanks Amy for your interview!

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Sara Hoeg-Staun

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