Jessy, a journey of loss and now joy.

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?    

I have so many! But will cut it down to two. Number one is definitely being able to feel bub inside me ~ fluttering, popping, squirming, kicking. I love that I am never alone throughout the day. My little boxer is always reminding me of the bond we have. The secrets we share are indescribable. My second favourite thing about growing a little human is watching my body change as my pregnancy progresses. Women's bodies are absolutely incredible and I feel beyond blessed to be able to grow this little soul.  'I love and honour my ever changing body'

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby? 

Look after your mind and body with good, nutritious food. I've always eaten healthily, but have definitely stepped it up a notch after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. You're only pregnant for a short amount of time in the scheme of things. Before you eat that chocolate/cake/soft drink, ask yourself if you would feed it straight to your baby? No? Then don't feed it to yourself! Find exercise that you enjoy ~ swimming, walking, yoga, Pilates. Whatever it may be, do it to nourish your mind! And lastly, take time to enjoy your pregnancy. Sit with bub, talk to him/her, build that bond. Life can move by so quickly, remember your presence and really take in this beautiful time. 'The food I put into my body nourishes my baby'

Which of our pregnancy affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why? 

Aahhh, just one? I have so many favourites, but the one that resonates with me the most is,  I embrace the wisdom of my body. After three years on this journey to become a Mumma and three precious pregnancies, I believe my body, mind and soul hold such valuable wisdom. My heartbreaks sting with sharp pain, but I am very proud of all I have achieved and trust my wisdom that has come from them.

What are your plans for your birth?

We are having bub at the Birth Centre at Gold Coast Uni Hospital. It in run by midwives and has a natural approach to childbirth. We have been allocated a midwife who I've had all of my prenatal appointments with. She comes to our house and builds a relationship with us and is on call to attend my birth. I am getting my placenta encapsulated by Amy at @mamas_medicine ~ so important! I dream for our birth to be a calm, spiritual experience but I am not naïve in thinking it will definitely go that way. Plans are imperative to have, but can go out the window in seconds. The most important thing of all is to have a healthy and happy babe at the end.  'I trust my body, I trust my mind, and I trust my baby'

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

To hold bub's precious and healthy little life in my arms and to feel the love bursting from my heart. To see babe's Daddy like I've never seen him before. To finally take home a precious piece of both of us and watch him/her grow into whoever he/she wants to be. 'I welcome my baby with joy'.

Sara Hoeg-Staun

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