Sarah, be inspired and nourish yourself through mental wellbeing.

What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

My favourite thing about being pregnant has been the way my family have responded. It has been truly magical to watch them bask in our happiness and the excitement of adding a new member to our family. This little one will be the first grandchild for both mine and my partners families so it’s very special. I have loved how the bond between my mother and I has deepened through this experience and I love seeing how much she already adores this little person growing inside me.
What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?

I feel that that the number one thing I can do to nourish myself and my baby is to slow down and reduce stress. Being a mental health worker I have a deep understanding on the importance of nourishing ones mental wellbeing. Pregnancy has taught me not to try and control everything and to enjoy being in the moment with this pregnancy and the little person growing inside of me.

Which of our cards speaks to you the most and why?

I have utilised different cards for different purposes throughout my pregnancy.

At the start of my pregnancy I remember experiencing fear and anxiety in the lead up to the 12 week mark. I had some spotting and the uncertainty and lack of control I experienced during this time was really overwhelming. When I received my cards I went through them all and picked out the ones that I felt gave me the reassurance I really needed to just trust in my body and the process. I had these pinned around my house as daily reminders and found that they really helped me focus my thoughts.

“I am worthy of this pregnancy this baby and a beautiful birth”
“I trust in the power of my body”
“I have courage faith and patience”

Once 12 weeks had passed and I was heading through my 2nd trimester I pinned a different selection of cards around my house. These were the cards I chose that helped me learn to take moments with my little one and to do things to nourish us both.

“Today I will do something to nurture my baby and myself”
“The food I put into my body nourishes my baby”
“I love and honour my ever changing body”

As I am now heading through my 3rd trimester I will be choosing the cards that I will be taking with me to the birth. This affirmation really speaks to me and I know it will remind me of the end reward of labour, our baby.

“Each surge in my labour will bring my baby to me”

What are your plans for your birth?

Being someone who likes to be in control I’ve really had to prepare myself for the fact that birth is something you really can’t control. My main goal has been just to make sure I’m informed on birth and the various things that can take place. I have been listening to The Birth Hour podcasts which are women sharing their birth stories and I have found this really helpful in providing me with a broad spectrum of perspectives on birth. I live in a rural area of Western Australia and don’t have access to home births or a birth centre so I will be having a hospital birth and I am planning for the least intervention possible.

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?

The moment that constantly plays in my mind is the moment I will see my partner Sam hold our baby for the first time. I think about this all the time and I am so excited for this and just feel like my heart might explode.
Sara Hoeg-Staun

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