Shana, 28 weeks expecting


What has been your favourite thing about being pregnant?

I love pregnancy so far. I am currently 28 weeks and I would say my favourite part of this beautiful journey is feeling my baby kick, squirm, hiccup, and move around inside me! It's the most comforting, amazing, unique and beautiful thing I have ever experienced. To know there is life growing within me.

What is your number 1 tip for nourishing you and your baby?
Eating organic, vibrant, colourful, REAL food! drinking LOTS of water. Daily meditation, and movement! whether it be walking or yoga, light exercise is important.

Which of our pregnancy and birth affirmation cards speaks to you the most and why?

I honestly love them all! Each one has a beautiful message that empowers me. But if I had to pick one, I'd pick the card that reads "The Miracle of life is taking place inside me". It's a wonderful and very true statement that describes pregnancy perfectly!

What are your plans for your birth?

I like to keep my mind and heart open to however my baby plans to enter this third dimensional reality. Personally, I envision a natural, unmedicated water birth. But I think it's good to stay open to however the birthing process unfolds, and not stay too attached to the way you planned it to be. every birth is beautiful & unique in its own way. 

What are you most excited about when baby arrives?
Oh gosh! I am over the moon excited just to see my baby. To stare into the eyes of our beautiful and perfect creation. What a humbling moment that will be. I am excited for life with my baby, for cuddling, feeding, learning, growing expanding, experiencing! Just everything about this new life excites me. 
Sara Hoeg-Staun

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